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We are a creative collective of german speaking professionals with the vision of a sustainable and fair market. We love to share our experiences as a designer, software engineer, UI/UX specialist, app developer, marketeer and as a sparring partner. We use and combine all kind of project management methods. We are the hub for smart business owners. 


We deliver services in the realm of branding. We broadcast unique stories and providing stable solutions around the brands. We reach out for interesting deals and close them with highly satisfying results. We extend our system mostly on open source software – quality and reusability are key. We see opportunities not problems. Our prior goal is to make clients and us happy.

How we work

We have home-offices. We meet online and offline as less as possible but we keep us continuously updated. We celebrate life at least once a month with our teams and clients.


We are permanently reachable. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – nonstop. We are ready when you are. We are responsive and direct. Why we do it that way? Because we believe in your thoughts!

AI Hysteria

Who’s in the lead? You are!

AI Pics #1

The use of Midjourney is game-changing. ArtificialI Intelligence will be definitely an important part of the content production – or not?

AI Pics #2

Is there still a need for landscape photographers? It took less than 5 minutes to generate the four pics with Adobe Firefly. What do you think about this trend?

AI Video #1

Food Consulting Mister Hu shows how a video clip could be produced without camera and staff. It is possible with an AI platform called D-ID. Ideal for small businesses with little marketing budget.

AI Video #2

The example of Genusshaus – a swiss registered brand. AI supported software reduces marketing cost. But it can never replace business development by human onsite presence. 

No limits - all in

The perfect moment is now!


It’s time for big things. Tomorrow could be too late!  You never lose. You either win or learn. 


Be brave and curious! All you need is to take the first step – the start is half of the whole thing. 

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New Brands

#trustworthy #ubiquitous #individual #regional #sustainable #reusable #transparent # #expandable #scalable #collaborative #positive #inspiring

Think big, start small! Finding and explore the niche for a business Idea. The use of digital tools is crucial. Only smartness survives.


#newwork #globalization #mobility #connectivity #health #neoecology #individuality #gendershift #knowledgeculture #silversociety #urbanization #security

The society will change unstoppable. The digital transformation disrupts many businesses crossover all sectors.

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